Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush is a powerful cross between Hawaiian and Purple Kush strains. This Indica dominant strain ( 80/20 Indica to Sativa ratio) is moderately high in THC, raging up to 23%. It’s a fast-acting strain, so beginner users should be cautious with an intake.

Buds of this potent strain are light green, dense and hard, abundant in amber pistils, and thickly covered with white trichomes.

This cannabis strain has the most intoxicating sweet, tropical aroma that will remind you of the island it is named after. Once taken in, the flavor is also delightful, sweet and sultry, flowery, with earth, pines, and berries in its aftertaste.

Even though this strain is technically Indica dominant, its has plenty of exciting Sativa effects. It starts as an uplifting and energizing head high, enhancing your creativity, promoting feelings of happiness and euphoria, perfect for indulging in arts, and spending time with friends.

Gradually, effects start moving from an apparent head high to deep full-body relaxation. Based on the individual’s tolerance levels, Hawaiian Purple Kush may bring a user into a couch-lock.

Adverse effects, like with any other cannabis strain, include dry mouth and eyes, as well as dizziness and anxiety, if taken too much.

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